Bodies We Are – Time We Share

Rytmisk Sal kl. 14.10

The collaboration between musician Maria Dybbroe (DK) and dancer David Kummer (DE) has been an experimental journey trying to merge their differences and learning from each other.
They work with improvisation and through choreographed structures they challenge framing and opening time and space. They debuted as a duo with their piece “Bodies We Are – Time We Share” in Kristiansstads Stora Salen in Sweden in April 2017.

“Two bodies search into the unknown. Following an inner flow, they continuously move. How will they approach each other, or will they get closer at all? Being just an organism and self-focused; self-centered; self-searching, when do they feel the presence of the other and finally meet, or will they meet at all? Fragile and sensitive while trying to touch the air and the ground; trying to exist within their surroundings. Their courageous quest makes them slowly experience how the space expands and suddenly seems to open up for them; revealing that they are two.”

Maria Dybbroe is a saxophonist, improviser and composer, who has been a very active player part of the experimental jazz scene in Copenhagen, and she is currently involved in the groups Cactus, IINN, KØS, Coriolis and Unity.

David Kummer is a performer, improviser, teacher and shiatsu practitioner currently working at Barbacka, and he is part of the program „Kulturnycklen“. He is educated in the Danish National School of Performing Arts and works together with different choreographers across Europe.