Fredrik Degrér: Tactical installment of A 4 friend with an image

Lille Sal kl. 14.30

Relying on sonic elements as terrestrial bodies acting as rogue agents, infested betrayals and plot holes, the installment of ”Tactical installment of A 4 friend with an image translatotion in parens anna eller Hanna som part (2</3) somas risto as table and sky-ceiling as palindromatic optimality del. 4(a) at RAMA festival in the “Lille Sal”/in the corn listened to as coming out (recording) Alternative title (2): To hour documentary (30 min)” is about the reanimation of a pre-(/post-)-decessors reality from and into itself.

Comedy as that which disrupts, suspends, and insists forth exception of the work as it simultaneously operates through a meta-distantiation in which it flattens itself into its own caricature.