Lab 14

Symfonisk Sal kl. 15.00

“Lab 14” is an ensemble created by musicians with very different aesthetic backgrounds that wanted to expand their knowledge in alternative fields of music simply by playing with each other. During the process each member of the ensemble brought to light their own visions of music, composition, structure, improvisation, free improvisation and graphic scores.

“Lab 14” is also an experimental space where musicians research ways to achieve new sounds in their instruments by developing techniques that go far beyond the traditional way to play their instruments.

The ensemble is constantly mutating:
Thomas Hvild (Student – Classical Guitar)
Johannes Berg (Student – Drums)
Beatriz Gijón (Student – Piano and Percursion)
Andreas Nielsen (Student – Classical Guitar)
Ylva Lind Wellsandt (Student – Organ)
Vitalija Gurviciute (Student – Piano)
Mette Hommel Østerlund (Student – Flute)
Neus Signes Llinares (Student – Flute)
Jeppe Hjøllund (Student – Trumpet)
Manuel Zwerger (Student – Composition)
Johanne Buus Andersen (Student – Flute)
Paulo Dias Duarte (Student – Composition)