Klassisk Sal kl. 13.00

How many times have you, as a kid, heard parents saying that it is not right to accept delicious treats from the strangers? Hopefully, you are not a kid anymore, and you like the delicious surprises that life brings to you. So, it happened that there is a fresh product being represented at this RAMA music market. The product is made by the following old, as our grandmas are, recipes while using nowadays’ ingredients. And this product fits into this lovely and exciting JAR. What is the taste of this product? As it depends on a personal taste, you need to come and kindly open this JAR with your clapping hands. Free of charge. We assure, it is 100 % safe, organic and made with love.

Programme of Jazz standards by:
Jonas Dannerbugt, guitar – Jan Sedlak, double bass – Agne Zivatkauskaite, piano – Rasmus Mellemgaard Frandsen, drums