Umami Vocals

Kammermusiksalen kl. 23.20 + Festkoncert II. del

UMAMI vocals is a brand new vocal quintet that is inviting you to an a cappella journey into the familiar realms of jazz, pop, classic and folk. Being inspired by vocal groups around the world, their repertoire consists of both well-known vocal arrangements as well as their own original music.

What all the members of the group have in common is the mutual passion for singing and the ambition to make their music function in the smallest detail, which results in unified and playful collaboration.

Soprano: Ingeborg Højlund, DK
Alto: Karmen Rõivassepp, EST
Tenor: Yngve Lyngsø, DK
Bariton: Gustav Hagner, DK
Bass: Gunnar Sigfússon, ISL